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Estoril Golf Club dates back to 1929 in its first nine-hole version and it was built by Fausto de Figueiredo, the gambling concessionaire at the Estoril Casino. In the new design, the former 9th hole disappeared, and an alteration was made to the fairway of the 13th hole - the famous Patiño’s hole - that now has a dogleg to the right and the second shot is played from the area where the old green was located. The green is now on a higher level. With the disappearance of the 9th hole it was necessary to build another hole, which is now number 13, a par 3 of 160 metros in length.|Finally, the 16th hole has a re-designed green but it is still a par 3, 186 metres long, but 15 metres shorter than the previous one, and it is considered by many players to be one of the best holes in Portugal.



Jean Gassiat & Mackenzie Ross




White Lenght

Yellow Lenght

Red Lenght

18 69 5189 m / 5708 yd 4903 m / 5393 yd 4373 m / 4810 yd


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