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Bom Sucesso Golf Guardian

Bom Sucesso Golf Guardian




An 18-hole Championship Golf course stretches along the length of the resort shaping the housing centres, the Hotel & SPA and the other leisure facilities. The proximity of the sea and Óbidos lagoon, not to mention the golf course itself, afford each allotment and the housing lots fantastic views which benefit from the extension and the natural beauty of the surroundings.|The first nine holes are played on a level part of the terrain while the second nine are located on uneven terrain, and are therefore quite spectacular.|Simultaneously, BOM SUCESSO has signed a number of Reciprocity agreements between the BOM SUCESSO golf course and other Portuguese golf clubs, spread across the country.



Donald Steel




White Lenght

Yellow Lenght

Red Lenght

18 72 6238 m / 6862 yd 5854 m / 6439 yd 4842 m / 5326 yd


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Bom Sucesso Golf Guardian Course Map