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Golfe do Vimeiro

Golfe do Vimeiro




A pleasant nine hole course that provides some interesting moments of golf, played along the banks of the Alcabrichel river and forming part of an area famous for its spa facilities. Vimeiro provides some interesting panoramic views of the sea seen between the cliffs, and the hills and woods inland.|Although not particularly long, it is a challenging course: its fairways are narrow and there is little margin for error. These difficulties are felt right from the very first hole just a few meters from the hotel entrance, which provides a general view of the course: with the river to the right of the fairway and an out of bounds area on the opposite side, the golfer has to be sure to play accurately. A second round can also be played of this nine hole course by starting from different tees.



Frank Pennick




White Lenght

Yellow Lenght

Red Lenght

9 34 2407 m / 2648 yd 2159 m / 2375 yd 1977 m / 2175 yd


Course Map

Golfe do Vimeiro Course Map