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Lisbon Sports Club was established in 1861 by English residents of Lisbon and the golf course opened in 1922. But it was only in 1964 that the club took up its permanent home, the Casal da Carregueira, which is in Belas, some 15 kilometers from Lisbon. A number of difficulties - woods to the left, stream on the right, and bunkers on both sides - challenge the player even with his first shot. Then, before the golfer is properly warmed up, he has to face another Par 3, though this time with even greater difficulties. The player can enjoy unforgettable contact with nature, and admire the cypresses, the eucalyptus and wild flowers, while at the same time facing up to shots that tax his imagination. The original house on the property has been converted into a clubhouse. Its colonial style is very welcoming, and from its terrace one can see the fairways of holes 5 and 18.



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18 69 5309 m / 5840 yd 5029 m / 5532 yd 4658 m / 5124 yd


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